Be Accountable For Weight Loss Success in Your Life


Weight Loss Success

The idea of dieting is always approached with an attitude of looming failure. This is because most people have tried various diets before and failed so they try a new diet again, with the same results. A renowned writer, Henry Ford was once quoted saying, “If you think you can or think you can’t you will always be right.”

If you think and convince yourself that you’re going to fail, you will be setting yourself up for failure before even getting started. If you don’t examine the root causes of your failure, you are doomed to fail again.  If for sure you are starting a mission planning not to succeed, why would you start it in the first place?

You hold the key to your success as you are in total control of your life. You control of deciding what to eat, when and knowing when you’re eating for necessity and when you’re eating for emotional gratification. You alone can get out of the couch and be on your feet, you alone have the responsibility for every situation you find yourself in. While there are some medical exceptions, trying and failing one diet after another more often than not the whole problem will not be that the diets aren’t working, the problem is you.

In life, everyone is accountable for their actions – both success and failure, which isn’t different in regards to dieting. There is nothing more rewarding when someone compliments you on your efforts. Unfortunately, if you are extremely overweight, it might take longer for people to actually notice any changes in you.  This leads many people to ‘throw in the towel’ so to speak.  They just aren’t seeing results quick enough.

Truth be told, very few people are accountable to their weight loss and dieting goals. This can only mean that the majority of individuals are giving up way too easily. If you find yourself having problems with accountability, you might need a dieting partner or coach. Some of the most successful people in life have a coach in some aspect of their lives.  Millionaires have accountants and investing specialists coaching them continuously about their financial affairs.  Celebrities have several representatives coaching them on what to wear, what acting parts are coming up, etc.  Alcoholics go to meetings to be accountable to someone for their actions.  Reality television shows have complete seasons, one after another, that help people reach their fitness and weight loss goals.  You are not alone.

Today, many top diet meals are packaged in convenient containers, making it very easy for you to stay on their eating plan.  Small gym equipment can be ordered and delivered to your home within days.   The help is within your reach, but you must take the first step.   If you cannot be accountable to yourself with the existing help that is out there, join a program where you must weigh in once a week or you must show everything you ate during the week.  Being accountable to someone else or a group is sometimes the very help you need to succeed.