Wash Basins for Powder Bathrooms: Ceramic Basins are Passé as Marble & Onyx Basins are Enjoying a New Vogue


Wash Basins for Powder Bathrooms

It is not wise to have so many decorations in a bathroom. It will take too much time to clean and tidy up. Besides, minimalist and stylish bathrooms are the fad today. This is why interior decorators carefully select the pieces that go into bathrooms. Aside from being functional, they also have to contribute to the overall aesthetics of the room.

One way to add a dash of color and style into a bathroom is to choose a table mounted wash basin. These are not embedded into the counter like an ordinary sink whose edges are flush with the counter top. Hence, the design of the basin can add pizzazz into your bathroom decoration.

Old School Ceramic Wash Basin

Ceramic wash basin have been the favorite for bathrooms for quite a time. They are affordable, easy to procure at different colors and designs, and they are easily available in home depots and online outlets. Ceramics are now pretty old school, though, as other types of wash basins have started cropping up in showrooms and interior design magazines.

Modern Bathroom Design Favorites: Marble & Onyx

Marble and onyx are more sophisticated and indeed a bit more costly. The payoff is worth it, though. A table mounted marble basin or onyx basin can stand on its own atop a bathroom counter. This means that as long as you keep it clean and dry, the entire space will still look pleasing even if you don’t have a flower vase beside it.

Marble wash basins are extremely durable. What’s great about this material is that it looks amazing when polished, and still equally stylish if left roughly hewn. Hence, you can have a marble basin with a smoothly polished lip and belly, but with rough sides. Marble is usually in shades of cream, but can also come in grey or black. Both look extremely sophisticated, and all the more so when the lighting perfectly brings out the sheen of the polished marble.

Onyx is just as attractive as marble. Some would even argue that it is more so. It has a beautiful, almost translucent quality that allows a bit of light to filter through. This gives onyx wash basins a more dramatic appeal than marble, and the reason why is that it is also more costly. Onyx is quite rare; not all manufacturers carry onyx products in their catalogues.

When choosing between marble and onyx, consider the following things:

Marble is more durable than onyx. It is low-maintenance and resistant to extremely hot or cold water. Ironically, its surface is also easy to scratch and nasty stains are difficult to remove, especially if the marble is unpolished.

Onyx is more fragile and obtains scratches easily. If you do choose onyx for its decorative appeal, make sure it is manufactured with fiberglass, polished, and coated with stone sealer. This increases its integrity and reduces the possibility of permanent stains.

There’s nothing wrong in wanting a beautifully decorated bathroom. We may not enter it frequently or stay in it as long as we do in living rooms, but it is the room through which guests can judge us on our cleaning and housekeeping skills.