List of 14 Unbelievable Travel Places To Visit Before You Die


A travel enthusiast will have a bucket list of places to visit before he gets too old. If you search up for such places you will be really confused as which one to choose and which one to leave. Here are some of the destinations, which are sure to fascinate travel connoisseurs globally:-

1. Finnish Lapland

Finnish Lapland

Interested in seeing the Northern Lights? You might not believe that something of this sort exists until and unless you see it. Going to the Finnish Lapland can give you an experience you will never forget in your lifetime. The snowy backwoods with natural light display and the reindeer makes the place absolutely mystical. Heated glass igloos are the attractions of the place, sitting inside which you can soak in as much as natural beauty as you want of the star-lit sky, the snow capped mountains and whatever you see around.

2. Grand Canyon, Arizona (USA)

Grand Canyon, Arizona (USA)

Among the 7 wonders of the world, the Grand Canyon has fascinated millions of travelers from across the globe. With a length of 277 miles and width of 18 miles this great wonder does not need a new introduction. The colors, the textures and the patterns of the landscape are enough to take your breath away anytime. You will not be able to imagine the beauty of the Grand Canyon at sunrise and sunset. The stones seem to change their colors at different times in the day and each sight is mesmerizing! Visiting Grand Canyon is a must before end!

3. Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

Great Barrier Reef (Australia)

If you want to experience a wonderland underwater, there is no better place than the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. With a length of 2600 kilometers, the place has been explored by many divers and snorkelers. Going underwater will take you to a new ecosystem altogether. You can witness 2900 single reefs with almost 900 islands under the sea. You will also be taken aback by the wide varieties of species that are found underwater. 215 varieties of birds, 1500 kinds of fish, sea turtles, whales and dolphins in 30 species can be seen in the Great Barrier Reef.

4. Easter Island (Chile)

Easter Island (Chile)

Visiting the Easter Island in Chile will surprise you without doubt. You will see many ‘head’ like structures spread all over the island. These are monolithic stones and seem to tell a story of their own. The 887 stones are a kind of archeological wonder and archeologists and geologists are trying hard to find the history behind the place. Also known as Isla de Pascua and Rapa Nui, the island amidst the Pacific Ocean is an enthralling destination for sure.

5. Puente Del Inca (Argentina)

Puente Del Inca (Argentina)

If you see Puente Del Inca in Argentina, you will keep on thinking if something like this is possible truly or whether you are in a dream land. Natural rock bridges can be seen in many parts of the world. But this place is special for the excellent colors that can be seen. The rock walls are bright orange and yellow in color and the colors are caused by some kinds of bacteria that form a kind of mat on the rock surface. These bacteria are formed by the sulphur springs that occur naturally in the area.

6. Masai Mara During the Migration Season

Masai Mara During the Migration Season

If you fond of traveling and have not visited Masai Mara in Kenya, then you definitely have a place that you must visit. The place is worth seeing during the migration season from June to November. It is foolish to rush to the river from where the animals cross as they might be scared and interrupted. The best way to enjoy Masai Mara in the migration time is to sit on the top of a hill in the place and see the innumerable varieties of animals graze on the plains for better food. You will be able to see millions of zebras, wildebeests, elephants, bisons, buffaloes, giraffes, lions hyenas and other animals.

7. Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

Bora Bora (French Polynesia)

If you want to experience paradise on earth, feel free to make a trip to Bora Bora in French Polynesia. With glass bottomed accommodations through which you can see the marine life of the Pacific Ocean and even some volcanic peaks, it is quite well understood what the place offers to tourists. It is true that staying in this place is too expensive, but it is a lifetime achievement if you can make it. Staying at this amazing place will take away all your anxieties and struggles for some time.

8. Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat (Cambodia)

Angkor Wat in Cambodia remains in the bucket list of many travel enthusiasts. The temple is a splendor to watch, particularly during the sunrise and the sunset. When the first rays of the sun touch the temple and slowly spread over the whole area, it seems someone is spreading golden honey on the place. It is a mesmerizing view and cannot be expressed in mere words. Stunningly, 200 more temples spiral out of the main temple and cover total area of 1000 square kilometers. You won’t believe it until you see it!

9. The Namib Desert

The Namib Desert

If you want to explore the beauty of a desert, there is no better place to do the same than Namib Desert in Namibia. Find yourself fascinated by the awesomely curvy sand dunes forming lovely shapes. Stay in the desert for a whole day to experience the color changes in the desert during sunrise and sunset. The place seems to have some mystical beauty at these times. Far off from the desert are some mighty peaks and deep canyons and gorges. Enjoy some serene moments in the desert that you will treasure for life.

10. Giant Crater Lake

Giant Crater Lake

Volcanic craters are seen in many places around the world. But if you want to see a crater lake, you cannot miss the Giant Crater Lake located in The Crater Lake National Park, Oregon. History says that this lake was formed almost 150 years ago when volcano Mount Mazama collapsed. The mountainous crater can still be seen in the center of the lake and presents an extremely picturesque sight to travelers.

11. Lake Hillier

Lake Hillier

Australia has some of the most amazing landscape and natural beauties that have fascinated global travelers for long. Have you ever seen a pink lake? Yes, you read it right, its pink lake. If you think this s funny, check out Lake Hillier located in western part of Australia. When shot from above, the lake looks like a stretched piece of pink bubble gum. Scientists have worked on the lake and found out that the pink color is due to some kinds of algae in the water body which gives this strange color effect.

12. The Champagne Pool, New Zealand

The Champagne Pool, New Zealand

Do not be mistaken by the name as there is no connection of champagne to this place. Located in Waiotapu Geothermal zone in New Zealand is this lovely hot but colorful spring. With a surface temperature of about 74 degree Celsius, carbon dioxide comes out in the form of bubbles from the spring. The spring water is rich in various kinds of valuable minerals that include mercury, silver, gold, arsenic and sulfur. The color of the pool is sure to take you by surprise.

13. Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

This is the first national park of USA. The place exhibits myriad landscape features at a single platform. For instance, the natural geysers and springs are great attractions of the park. Along with this, the national park also has displays of some of the best flora and fauna in the area. However, the major attraction still remains the hot springs. There are various kinds of luminous and colorful algae and other creatures in the springs and these make the place extremely vibrant and colorful. Sometimes there are riot of colors and is a splendid site without doubt.

14. Maldives – the Underwater World

Maldives – the Underwater World

Had you ever imagined that you could enjoy your food at an underwater restaurant and there would be varieties of marine species swimming all around you? Had you thought that you could party at an underwater nightclub? Well, these are no more mere fantasies and you can explore these things at Maldives. Along with awesome spas, sun kissed and pristine beaches and the Robin Crusoe Islands, Maldives has something more to offer. The UNESCO Biosphere Reserve also needs a special mention.