The Secret of 11 Unbelievable and Unethical Life Hacks


Ok, so some of these unbelievable life hacks are a bit unethical but they are awesome none the less. If you don’t have a problem with being a little bad to get what you want then you will love these 11 awesome but unethical life hacks.

1. Never Tell Vendors For Your Wedding

Never Tell Vendors For Your Wedding

Never tell vendors for your wedding that you’re hiring them for a wedding. Say it’s an event or reunion. There’s a big price difference.

2. Post Fake Job Ads for Positions

Fake Job Ads for Positions

I post fake job ads on craigslist for positions I am interested in. I get tons of resumes from people who are looking for similar positions in my area… Then I make sure my resume stands out from the rest when I apply for a real job.

3. Keep Your Next Parking Ticket

Next Parking Ticket

Keep your next parking ticket (pay online) and put it on your windshield whenever you need to park illegally.

4. Walk up to the Ticket Machine and Grab a New Ticket

Ticket Machine and Grab a New Ticket

Car in long-term parking? Walk up to the ticket machine and grab a new ticket to present on your way out.

5. Large Companies Tend to Take Job Applications

Take Job Applications

Large companies tend to take job applications via a “jobs@[company].com” address. So my CV doesn’t drown I call them up and say the address isn’t working… They just patch me through to the relevant person in the relevant department and they give me their personal work email every time.

6. Add Positive Industry Buzzwords to Their Digitally Submitted Resume

Digitally Submitted Resume

Add positive industry buzzwords to their digitally submitted resume in white print, because they wont actually show up on the document, but the sorting algorithms select his resume for an interview and its gets through to HR.

7. Setup an Account for You and Your Spouse

Setup an Account for You

Amazon payments allows you to send up to $1000 to anyone (like Paypal). Setup an account for you and your spouse… Transfer money back and forth using your cash back credit card. Similarly, many credit cards offer 5% on select monthly categories. When the category is “health and drug” purchase a $1500 pre-paid visa from Walgreens.

8. Take a Picture of the Barcode, Address, and Name…

 Take a Picture of the Barcode

Next time you’re at your dentist or any place that has a layout of various magazines, take a picture of the barcode, address, and name… When you get home thats all the information you’ll need to log into the online version of the magazine. Either that or set it up on your iPad and enjoy free versions of magazines forever.

9. When Buying Something on Craigslist, Use Spam Email

Craigslist Email

When buying something on craigslist, I use my spam email to low-ball the seller by a lot, then I use my regular email to give a reasonable offer that is still a good amount under the asking price… I almost always have my offer accepted.

10. Apply for 5 Different Telemarketing Jobs and Outsource Them

Telemarketing Jobs

Apply for 5 different telemarketing jobs. Outsource jobs to another country. Pay them less than you get paid. Sit back and do nothing while other people make money for you.

11. Pick a Make and Model of a Car You Want

Pick a Make and Model of a Car

Pick a make and model of a car you want and make sure at least 4-5 dealerships have it in stock. Call dealership #1 asking for a quote with XXXX down. Take that quote to dealership #2 and ask them the same question and if the quote is higher, tell them that dealership #1 offered you this much. They will come back hopefully with a lower offer. Take that quote and repeat 3 more times until you get the price you want.