Type 2 Diabetes and Dieting Tips For Healthy Life


Type 2 Diabetes and Dieting Tips

Only a few people know that weight has a very strong effect on diabetes. Did you know that adult onset or Type 2 Diabetes commonly affects overweight individuals? Actually 90% of individuals suffering from Type 2 diabetes are overweight. Even chances of gestational diabetes are higher in overweight people than in those considered to have ‘normal’ weight ranges.

To make matters worse, 40% of type 2 diabetics are known to have high blood pressure. Excess weight is known to aggravate this condition. Equally, excess weight tends to lead to insulin resistance, a situation where the body doesn’t respond to insulin. It goes without saying that this is a risky condition since biologically, insulin is required to assist the body in utilizing glucose and sugar as energy on a cellular level. The best gift therefore that a diabetic can give himself is keeping their weight under good control.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to get out of this sorry condition if you have type 2 diabetes, or are vulnerable to it. Even though is it easier said than done, the first step is dieting. It is true that dieting isn’t easy, nor fun for an average individual, but failure to do it may mean you will not enjoy a quality life and enter your golden years. Motivate yourself by keeping your thoughts on the future and your eye on a goal. Like seeing your grandchild graduate from college or getting married.

Get up, go out and exercise, pay keen attention to your doctor’s advice and instructions and look for strength inside of you to fight this condition head on to the end. You will be surprised by the results when you opt not to sit, but stand and battle for your health.

Best and Worst Foods for Type 2 Diabetes
Best and Worst Foods for Type 2 Diabetes

Avoid being sedentary. Look for activities that you love doing and do them, never allowing the activities become passive as before. Even if it means playing shuffleboard daily, picking flowers with kids, taking up golf or simply relishing a good time under the sun. Just do any activity you can to get up and move every day. This will give you reason enough to remember the motive you had initially, to stay alive longer.

Last but not least, what you eat determines what you become, so watch it. As a diabetic, you will have to observe a stringent diet, which must be followed obediently. Embrace the new dietary plan, train yourself to live within the diet’s limit and see yourself enjoy and live a full life. Amazingly, there are many diabetic-friendly foods out there today that didn’t exist few years ago. If one sticks to a diet plan, it can be very simple and possible to enjoy food as a diabetic. The key and most crucial thing when it comes to diabetes and dieting is that one should never forget how important it is to your health and quality of future life.