Is TV and Political Debate Degrading the Mindsets in India?


Television is a huge part of the Indian social lifestyle. Starting from daily soap operas to movies to cartoons, we have it all on. But also a huge part of our TV experience is debate. But the thing is, every news channel hosts such debates on a regular basis, so much so that we are forced to ask ourselves whether it is doing more harm than good.

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Issues with the TV Debate in India

The whole idea of a debate is to come to present our individual point of views and come to a sound conclusion on a matter that involves a lot of other opinions. In the process of debating, people are supposed to learn new things and understand the point of view of their opposition in a better way.

At the same time, they try to make others understand their own point of view better as well. That is the true nature of debating. However in recent times, it has taken a form completely different from what it is supposed to be. In India, debating has become more of an exercise of pointing fingers at other people rather than pointing the finger at the problems.

So why is it that something so noble of cause has turned this way?

The main reason why that is so is because of the state of politics in our country. Most of the debates that are hosted on these TV shows are there to fill a political agenda rather than to solve a particular problem in an efficient manner.

Not to mention there is direct involvement of party members in such debates. And when that happens, the direct result is that you get a bunch of politicians and party members trying desperately to hide their own falsities by blaming their opposition counter parts. That is the root of all evil.