Top 4 Leading Split Air Conditioner Brands of India


Top Air Conditioner Brands in India

From times when there were no ACs to having air conditioners of different types, we have come a long way. It’s always a good idea to evolve with the ever changing world and welcome everything new that comes our way. It’s time to move forward and adapt to the modernity and revolution of the world of air conditioners. Split ACs are the new world charm and if you’re still unaware of these cooling systems, it’s time to upgrade yourself. Here in this post, we’ve listed four leading air conditioning brands of India that offer the best split cooling systems.


Toshiba is one of the leading air conditioning brands of the nation. With a wide range of air conditioners varying on the basis of tons or stars, Toshiba never strikes as a company that would disappoint you. It offers a broad range of cooling systems for all types of spaces.Toshiba offers a line of ACs which are eco-friendly, affordable, and designer in nature. Unlike other types of ACs, split ACs improve the air around you and are suitable for all weather conditions.


Another leading air conditioning brands of India competing in the league of offering the best split ACs is Samsung. Samsung has been in the market for more than a decade now and it has already made a huge mark in almost every household of India despite being a South Korean brand. Samsung presents us a broad variety of split ACs which range from over INR 20,000/- to INR 75,000/-. It makes split air conditioners that are cheap and affordable. ACs offered by Samsung are highly durable and are very popular for their top quality performance.

Blue Star

Blue Star stands third in the list of leading split air conditioner manufacturing brands of India. It’s one of the oldest brands in the industry and one of the best ones too. Started off as selling and reconditioning refrigerators and air conditioners, Blue Star now caters to the needs of all income groups. Some of the best Split AC models offered by Blue Star are-:

  • 5HW12SC Split AC
  • 3HW12FC 1 Ton Split AC
  • CNHW09CAF Split AC


Though standing forth in the list of leading air conditioning brands of India, LG is the most common name you’ll hear in the market. The company believes in making everyone’s life good and easy as their slogan says, “Life’s good”. LG is proud of its quick and efficient services and also of its range of ACs which provide quick and better cooling than many other brands. With a great command in the Indian market, LG is racing towards the top of the charts. The range of its products vary from INR 18,000/- to INR 78,000/-.