Top Best Selling American Luxury Car Brands


It is a well known fact that in the recent few years both the US as well as the world economy was not that well; but at times feels like an understatement. With a number of luxury American car brands introducing notable new lines of vehicles has indeed made it to the news.

Let’s have a look at some of the well known American car brands which though have seen low sales but have been the hot favorite of many.

Bantley Car

Bentley : Bentley is placed on the list of the top luxurious cars but the sales of these cars have been pretty low in the past few years. The company too is planning to release an SUV to improve the sales.

Jaguar Car

Jaguar : Jaguar is a name which is quite synonymous with luxury. The brand is quite famous as it produces elegant and well designed luxuries cars. The most famous of all the makes from this brand is the F type which is a super charged sports car.

The Tesla Car

The Tesla: Tesla has gained popularity for the make of some of the most amazing electric cars. The famous of all their models is the Tesla Roadster but as per luxury the Model S from Tesla has indeed turned a number of heads. This is indeed the top in best selling cars in US.

Porsche Car

Porsche: Think of Porsche and you will certainly remember the curves of the famous sports car. While the 911 sports car cannot be termed as a luxury vehicle, the brand does have a number of other luxuries vehicles which are a perfect fit in the luxury car category.

Land Rover Car

Land Rover: Land Rover is certainly one of the top ten of the US luxurious car brands. The vehicles from this brand are indeed the best off road performers and they also produce a number of SUVs which are the hot favorite of celebrities.

Volvo Car

Volvo: Many feel that Volvo looks the same even after a number of years. But the fact remains that they manufacture some boxy vehicles with amazing and simple interiors.

Lincoln Continental

Lincoln Continental: Lincoln is the top of the American luxury car brands and the most famous from their brand is the Lincoln MKC which reported huge sales; thanks to those star studded ads.

Acura Car

Acura: This is indeed one of the top cars brands in America. Acura is the luxury brand of Honda and the sales of its MDX in the year 2014 saw a hopping boost, thanks to the use of this in The Avengers movie.

The above mentioned are some of the well known brands of luxurious cars in America. While there are many others, these are the ones that have made it to the news for their sales.