Simple Methods to Ensure Healthier Hair


Methods to Ensure Healthier Hair

It is every girl’s dream to have a princess-like hair—those smooth and silky hair that you never seem to get enough of. Women have gone to great lengths in treating one’s hair just to ensure they look fabulous since as we all have heard, a woman’s hair is her crowning glory.

However, in the pursuit of beautiful hair, most women have forgotten that healthy hair is needed to achieve the crowning glory everyone’s chasing. In the age of extreme dye jobs, perms, and blowout bars, it is not a shock that your hair has a burnout resulting in a bad hair day situation. So, if you’re now considering to choose the enlightening path to one’s healthy hair then these simple methods might just be right for you.

Wash Your Hair the Right Way

It all starts in properly washing the hair, of course just like how you properly take good care of your face, the hair also needs the tender loving care that it should be given with. Notice that the shampoo bottle may just say these three words “lather, rinse, repeat”, but that recipe is not for all.

If you want the healthiest-looking locks then start by rinsing your hair, give it a good massage with your shampoo and rinse then put the conditioner from mid-length to ends and let it sit for a while then rinse again. Here’s an added tip: do not vigorously rub your hair when drying since it will cause breakage, just squeeze it gently with a towel.

Protect Your Hair

Most of the damages are not just about the extreme hair-drying treatments. One of the factors of damaged hair is due to external exposure to excessive sun, heat, pollution, and dirt. Due to these environmental factors, it leads to built-up dirt which dries out the hair and scalp which later on increases the susceptibility to infections on the scalp.

Protect your hair by using an umbrella or by wearing a hat during the day. You could also put some natural oil for natural sun protection and added shine to your hair.

Choose a Suitable Hair Mask

Hair masks are like the supplements of the body wherein it gives you the nourishment your body lacks. Look for suitable hair masks that are suited for your hair, choose the right masks by your hair type and issues. You can choose to buy from your local shopping mall or drug stores for hair masks or you can go for homemade hair masks.

For example, egg yolks are considered as an over-all hair remedy because egg yolks are rich in vitamins which makes hair more resistant to damage. It is also especially useful in moisturizing dry hair.

Choosing Satin Pillow Covers

You may not have known about this, or may already have known, nevertheless, what pillow cover you use to sleep with has an impact on your hair’s health. Cotton materials and others besides satin are quite rough in texture which causes friction against your hair making it damaged.

The science behind this is satin pillowcases helps in preventing the frizzing and roughing of the cuticle on any hair texture due to its smooth material which is why it helps in making your hair untangled and smooth.

Use Clarifying Shampoo

Clarifying shampoo’s main use is to clean your hair thoroughly or to “clarify” since your hair can easily get full of dirt which makes it look less shiny and really dull. Due to the dirt built-up due to the pollution and other factors, our hair needs a little extra help in cleansing, thus the need of using a clarifying shampoo once a month.

Clarifying shampoo strips all of the unwanted dirt in your hair making it look fresh and new, however, it also strips off the hair’s natural oil if you use them too often thus the need to only use it once a month. Also, be cautioned that you should skip this clarifying if you have dyed your hair since it also strips hair color.

Brush Effectively

Many people overlook the importance of brushing effectively since most of the time what matters most is just putting your hair in place through brushing. But did you know that brushing effectively contributes to your hair’s health? Brushing is actually a form of dry shampooing which eliminates waste materials. Additionally, brushing spreads the natural oils through the length of your hair.


Properly taking care of your hair is not just about appearance-wise but it also is about how an individual is taking good care of one’s self and being healthy over-all. Your hair needs a lot of caring thus it may burden your wallet in the process, thus hair treatment drug coupons should be of help to your expenses so what it wouldn’t compromise your needs.

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