Preventing Obesity in Children: Tips & Causes of Child Obesity


Causes of Child Obesity

It is very saddening to see our youngster’s today overburdened by obesity. What is worse, the kid’s cannot jump, run or play with their other children their same age because their body just doesn’t allow much activity. Despite all the efforts of parents to shield their kids from self-worth issues that always accompany obesity, putting the child on a very restrictive diet becomes unavoidable.

It is the role of the parent to ensure that a child loses those extra pounds if the child is over the normal weight they should be for their age and height. The first step of action will be to see the child’s doctor to discuss the best course of action that will not sabotage your child’s health. Keep in mind that you will be putting your child’s health on the line if you aren’t ready to take the necessary steps to help them shed off those extra pounds. Unfortunately, more often than not, the parents need to shed extra weight too.

Here are some helpful tips for parents who have overweight children. First off, keep in mind that food is the root cause of your child’s overweight predicament. Yes, there are studies out to show that genes and other factors add to obesity issues; however food is the central core. From early in your child’s life, never reward or punish by food.

For example, a piece of candy if they go to the toilet while toilet training. Replace that with a gold star sticker or some other way. Or an ice cream cone if they clean up their room properly is another example. Get rid of the junk foods inside the house, and also ensure, as much as you are possibly able to, that they don’t get access to junk foods when they leave the house. Simply introduce your child to healthy eating alternatives, say by packing their lunch for school. This way they will not buy lunch at school.

Frozen yogurt, a variety of cut up vegetables with low-sugar and low-fat dips, fresh fruit cut up to make it fun to eat and a variety of nuts are some of the healthy snacks that you can incorporate in the family’s eating plan. The key is to provide a well balanced diet, and watch the calorie intake of your kids by getting rid of junk foods. Cut out pop and sugar laden juices and put in place low-calorie lemonade or ice tea.

Encourage your kids and participate in getting the family outdoors and take a sport, dance or just run around the backyard. Finding activities they will enjoy is the key. Secondly, the kids will be burning calories in the process.

The last thing you should ever do, and many of us are guilty of, is to let our children become computer, video game or TV addicts. Technology has made us all lazy, but especially for this generation. Children today are raised with technology all around them and the busiest you may ever see them is when they are text-messaging on their cell phones. But if you incorporate outdoor activities, you will notice over time that your child will have a renewed self-esteem, self-confidence and an improved interaction with peers once they start to shed the pounds.

When all seems not to work, the other alternative that you can assist your child lose weight and build self-esteem is signing them up in camps that are specifically designed to offer such services. By and large, you as the parent should be a good role model. Do not take on emotional overeating, avoid junk foods and be active. This way, you will not reinforce the behavior in your children.