Change Your Perception of Food to Adjust Your Lifestyle


Change Your Perception of Food

When you mention the dreaded “diet” word, so many of us think of failure immediately. While dieting maybe the kiss of death for many people, a change of lifestyle maybe what you’ve been lacking to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Food consumption to some is an outright addiction; sadly, you cannot give up eating completely, unless you want to die. Food must be eaten for one to survive thus, if food is the root cause of your problem, you need to get a healthy perception of food.

Any diet you go on actually contributes very little in changing your perception of food. Most diets will list the foods you can eat and foods you cannot. Diets will force one to feel punished, which no one really likes. Many times we come close or even reach our goal weight and then we slowly but surely gain the weight back because we felt so deprived during that time. We feel we should be able to relax and eat what we want and relax for awhile. That’s okay for a day or two, here and there. However if you slide back into old habits, you’ll find yourself in the same situation time and time again.

You need to change your perception about food and stick with the positive alterations your body is showing you. It can take you weeks, months and sometimes even years to attain your goal, but as long as you are still on track and are making continuous progress and effort, you will be doing more than enough for your general well being and health.

Simply by changing your perception of food and you are sure to get amazing alterations in your attitude regarding your body, health and level of fitness. When you shed off the first few pounds, you will feel energetic and less stress while exercising, which should be enough of a motivation to keep on. Be advised though that lifelong and long term weight loss will not come as easily as the first 5-10 pounds. Consistency is very important when adjusting your lifestyle.