Opting For Weight Loss Surgery is a Popular Option



Opting For Weight Loss Surgery

People who are morbidly obese have fewer options when it comes to weight loss. The majority of the obese have tried all sorts of weight loss plans, only to record failure and disappointment with every diet. This leads them to feel helpless, hopeless and depressed. A widespread fallacy about the morbidly obese is that they become overweight with their full consent. This is incorrect thinking as there are environmental factors and medical conditions that lead to losing control of one’s weight gain. Ironically, drug addicts and alcoholics are treated by the society with more compassion than obese people.

Weight loss surgery is a popular option for the morbidly obese. This is major and tricky surgery and should be treated as such. It requires a great deal of contemplation before committing to the surgery. This is because one would be required to assume a new lifestyle before and after the surgery. What is more, new eating habits, which are a lifetime commitment, will have to be embraced. Due to the lifestyle changes, people opting for the surgery should weigh over a certain amount to be a good candidate. Women should be 80 lbs overweight, while men should be over 100 lbs.

It is always advisable to weight in on all the pros and cons of the surgery before opting for it. The surgery, like any surgery, has its own share of risks. Chances of having a nutritional deficiency after the surgery can be as high as 20 percent of participants. Also, many who have undergone this surgery have been recorded to suffer from osteoporosis and other serious complications as they progress in age.

The surgery itself can cause lifetime discomfort and complications by eating the wrong kinds of foods or too many foods at one time. Many do attain their weight loss goal, but the weight comes back after a while. Mainly because people slowly migrate back to old eating patterns and lifestyles. The surgery only changes your digestive system, not your mind and brain. It is a drastic option and just like anything else in life, there are no long term guarantees.

For you to establish if you really need the surgery, you might want to answer the following questions:-

  • Does your weight affect your daily activities?
  • Does your weight pose a threat to your health?
  • Do you honestly feel that you can take control of your weight individually after the surgery?
  • Will you be able to commit to the lifetime requirements, and follow to the letter, all that will be required of you?

Many people resort to the surgery because they can’t control their bodies. They have exhausted all other options. Their Dr may even needed to suggest and advise getting the surgery. When all is said and done, the choice of having weight loss surgery lies entirely on you. If you feel that it is your best course of action, it will be advisable to discuss the likely consequences with your physician. Investigate as much as possible on what to expect to prepare yourself mentally and physically, before and after the surgery.