10 Mouth Watering Photos of Ice Creams Around The World


Mouth Watering Photos of Ice Creams: This article has some seriously sweet, delicious and mouth-watering moments that just might tempt you to indulge yourselves with the creamiest and yummiest of ice creams that you can get your hands on.

Sure what better way to chill than with an ice cream on a hot day? But these naughty photographers have gone one step further to whet our appetite but turning ice creams into a treat for our eyes too.

From the scrunchy wafer-wrapped truffle ice creams to the lip-smacking honey, caramel and fruity scoops, these images made us want to hit the nearest ice cream to store to get our favorite flavor. We dare you to try and not do the same.

1. Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream by Michael Chung

Rainbow Sherbet Ice Cream

2. Ice Cream by Aline Marques

Red Icecream

3. Ice Cream for Dinner by Miguel Winterpacht

Ice Cream for Dinner

4. Cherry on Top by Sherwin Laranga

Cherry on Top

5. Ice Cream by Phát Lâm Quang

Ice Cream by Phát Lâm Quang

6. Sticky Toffee Pudding by Adie Blanchard

Sticky Toffee Pudding Icecream

7. Cartoon Shape Ice Cream by Phát Lâm Quang

Cartoon Shape Ice Cream

8. Chocolate Ice Cream by Nicholas Harhalakis

Chocolate Ice Cream

9. Dessert by Sergiu Ovidiu

Dessert by Sergiu Ovidiu

10. Tropical Delight by Victoria Chan

Tropical Delight by Victoria Chan