10 Most Funny & Real News Headlines That Could Happen Only in India


In these days, every media channel try to build their TRP through different shocking news headlines. Here you will see some most funny, incredible and real news headlines that could only happen in India. Some of these hilarious headlines from both Hindi and English news channels that take whole media to a new level.

1. Bhookamp Ke Jhatakon Mein Kejriwal Ka Haat

2. This Could be a Better Relation..if Tried

3. Snowfall in Delhi

4. Nitin Gadkari Will Waters Plants With His Own Urine

5. Hahaha, Watch This Headline Words

6. This Could Be a Better Headline

7. Funny and Hilarious News Headline

8. Most of the Media Person Follow the Celebrities

9. Funny Hindi Newspaper Headline

10. How Funny Breaking News of Hindi News Channel