Moody’s Ratings of Modi’s Popularity is not truth about the Government’s work


Moody Survey About Modi

Just before the Gujarat Election, Moody’s Ratings of Modi’s Popularity is a political hypocrites and chronic bluffers. The survey may not be always correct and so it would be an injustice to ourselves if we blindly believe what the report reveals. Pew Research Center said they have found Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi as the most popular national figure in the country’s politics.

A survey was conducted by the agency earlier this year between February 21 and March 10 and quizzed a total of 2,646 people.

Releasing the report last week the research center said 9 out of 10 Indians had favorable view of Modi and his work is satisfactory despite the demonetization while eight-in-ten finds the economic conditions are now good.

It added the prime minister is at 88 percent in terms of popularity while Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is at 58 percent. Congress President Sonia Gandhi’s popularity is at 57 percent while that of Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal is 39 percent.

However, economist Mohan Guruswamy finds some loopholes in the survey and is not very much impressed by what has been presented.

Calling the survey as bogus he said the respondents included only people from urban areas, middle-class families and English-speaking areas.

Guruswamy was economic adviser to the federal government in the 1990s. He added the research didn’t reflect some of the key sentiments like no investments in infrastructure and no job creation.

He questioned why not the Pew team spoken to the 600 million people who leave below poverty line.

Quoting to a part of the survey he said Rahul Gandhi and his mother are more popular in the rural areas compared to Modi’s in the region.

PM’s biographer Nilanjan Mukhopadhyay too dismissed Pew’s research saying the findings have no relevance.

He question what the findings doing in November, just ahead of the Gujarat assembly election, if it was conducted earlier this year in the month of February and March.