Modi Government To Be Tagged With Corruption Charges As UPA-2: Chidambaram


Modi Government Corruption

The Narendra Modi government too will be assailed by corruption allegations as it reaches towards the end of five-year-term in power, said former home minister and Congress leader P Chidambaram.

Speaking at the Tata Literature Live festival in Mumbai lately he said the same will be repeated like what happened to the UPA-II government while inching closer to the term.

At the end of tenure the government had acquired a reputation of several corrupt deeds and all these allegations drowned the UPA-II, added former finance minister.

Chidambaram however said he is not wishing the same to happen with the current government even though it is true people presume guilty until the accused is proven innocent and this is something very wrong as the practice would lead to destruction of rule of law of India.

Alleging the demonetization was a complete failure the Rajya Sabha member said just 0.0027 percent of the total currency returned to the system following 8 November 2016 when the notes of two highest denominations were banned in the country.

He continued saying terrorism has not been curbed as claimed by the Modi government after ‘notebandi’ as there has been lately more number of infiltrations, militants neutralized, civilians killed and jawans martyred.

The political parties need to fund elections and this becomes one of the reasons for major graft that is later described as corruption.

Chidambaram said scale of corruption cannot be brought down unless other ways to fund elections are found.

According to P. Chidambaram the Indian economy has seen a southward graph after 2014 and GST was initially pioneered by his party that was scuttled by the BJP, by several state governments, by many members of Lok Sabha as well as Rajya Sabha then.

The current GST is a total mess where everything including design, structure, backbone and concept is flawed, said Chidambaram.