Menstrual Cups: All You Need to Find Out


When we talk about menstrual products, what comes in from your mind? Well of course, it’s noisy, expensive, inconvenient and messy. To be honest, tampons and pads sometimes just don’t cut it.

Being a woman, it isn’t new and we are used to it about the difficulties of opening a noisy wrapper in the bathroom, having to change out a tampon several times per day, or even worrying about those dreaded “embarrassing moments”.

However that certain scenario can be ended. Yes it is. There is a product you need to know- this is safer, eco-friendlier and more discrete option. All hail to this product girl because this is what we call Menstrual cups.

Menstrual Cups

Amazingly, menstrual cups really know how to handle your business when it is time for your monthly “visit”. Actually, they rise far and above other products when it comes to giving you the protection you need, without the risks and high costs.

Okay so what’s this product all about? Come and let’s go find out why women everywhere are turning to menstrual cups as their preferred period companion.

Defining Menstrual cup

A menstrual cup is feminine hygiene product that is inserted into the vagina during the menstruation. The purpose of it is to prevent menstrual fluid from leaking into the clothes.

Moreover, they are safe, they’re simple and they’re inexpensive. Nevertheless, it’s not just like that since menstrual cups have an awesome history and astounding winning over women everywhere. More details about this product? Let’s be familiar with on where do these cups came from and find the reason behind on why they may become you new best friend.

Unraveling the Short History of Menstrual Cup

Hot and trending- that’s the menstrual cups were right now. However, it hasn’t always been the case. Since the beginning of time, ladies everywhere have tried countless contraptions and products to manage their monthly cycle.

Essentially, it wasn’t until 19th Century that menstrual cups started to become a “thing”. As a speculation, somehow women decided that wearing a sheepskin pad wasn’t so fun after all. It was stroppy.

Going into the New and Improved Version of a Menstrual Cup

Fortuitously, people tend to get smart, scientists got savvier and new kind of menstrual cup was materialized. At last-it definitely is a product that could kick all other period products to the restraint. Totally, what’s not to love in menstrual cups? Simple, comfortable, safer than tampons-that’s the reason this product have now taken center stage as the best period product in the market.

The full picture why Menstrual Cups are better than Tampons or Pads

It is far outweigh the cons of the benefits of using menstrual cups over other products.  Actually, it can be hard to find any fault in them at all.

In point of fact, most of the concerns women have about using menstrual cups come from misconceptions and taboos. On the contrary, they would much likely to be debunked easily though if you look at all the facts.

Super Convenient for Women on the Go

Messy and inconvenient-these two are most of the concerns women have about menstrual cups. But no, that couldn’t be farther from the real score.

Contrasting the tampons, menstrual cups can stay in the body for up to 12 hours without needing to be changed. Amazing to think, some of them can hold the same amount of fluid as 4 tampons; this is awesome knowing that you only need to change your cup once or twice a day.

Startlingly, that depicts fewer trips to the restroom and yes, more time to focus on your life. No more leaky surprises or necessitating rushing into the restroom. Moreover, you don’t have to create a fuss anymore with tearing open a noisy pad.

With menstrual cup, you can now handle your period on YOUR time.

Safer than Tampons and even prettier

Honestly, Toxic Shock Syndrome(TSS) is a real concern for menstruating women everywhere. Having to worry about changing a tampon or forgetting to remove can be stressful.

But it isn’t the case for Menstrual cups. In actual fact, since your cup can be left inside for longer and doesn’t include the nasty toxins like tampons, you can better keep TSS at bay. Yet it is still important to change and clean your menstrual cup frequently, you are much at lower risk of getting TSS than with tampons.

By this, menstrual cup is something worth raving for.

Environmentally Friendly

BPA-free silicone.  Reusable.  Earth-friendly.

By turning to menstrual cups, you can rest knowing that you are making a choice that is healthy for both of your body and the environment. Actually, let’s say goodbye to flushing tampons down the drain or tossing plastic wrappers in the trash since menstrual cups can be used over and over again, helping reduce your carbon footprint and environment impact.

Furthermore, need not to worry about harmful chemicals or even fibers like you do with tampons or pads. Menstrual cup is definitely the finest.

Seamless for your body and lifestyle

The fact can’t be denied that tampons and pads can come in range of sizes, are usually the same shape across the board. However you are worthy of a product that fits your body, style and activity level.

Not only do you have multiple size option with menstrual cups, but also get a solution that fits perfectly with your body; it actually works with any type of activities you love about. Your menstrual cup forms to the shape of your cervix to ensure comfort and prevent leaks with its soft, movable surgery-grade silicone.

You don’t have to worry about a mess or even the discomfort of a crumpled pad that the cup catches the flow before it exists. Perfect as it is right?

Can reduce cramps and other pesky symptoms

What more! Menstrual cups reduce painful symptoms such as cramps.

Knowing that tampons are fibrous and can involve a range of materials and chemicals, you’re much likely to be clueless on what there you are getting. Terrifyingly, this would lead to unwanted bacteria and toxins, which lead to cramping.

And so, with menstrual cups, you know you are getting 100% silicone- without any pesky chemicals. Therefore, it’s something that is safe for your body and can be cleared with products that you are comfortable with.


Menstrual Cups?  It’s P-E-R-F-E-C-T. Wonderfully, this type of product got it all for us. Very good- women definitely would like this. What are you waiting for? Get one with Daisy cups. Let us all say goodbye to tampons and pads and welcome a convenient life with menstrual cups.