Media Attention More on Padmavati Film and Nobody Has Serious About Hunger Related Deaths in Jharkhand and UP


Media Attention more on Padmavati Film

Probably, at least to console ourselves, India is not the only country where media attention is more on such issues which are distant away from the real facts of broken systems, petty corruptions and deaths due to hunger.

The news ecosystem in the country lately and once again reminds us with the magnified attention of Padmavati movie that it is not functioning as it should be.

Once in a while we may have heard a story earlier this month or in October about starvation deaths in Indian states of Jharkhand while browsing the newspaper in hurry before going to office or listening to Speed News on our 42” HD TV sets, but 24/7 the headlines, the debates, the polls, the articles, the columns, the editorials and everything are centered towards the update of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s most controversial making in Bollywood. There is so much of noise about it even though it’s a fact the agitators as well as the newsmen have not yet seen the upcoming Padmavati.

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Amid all these, and even backed by the Gujarat election very recently, no one knows who was Santoshi Kumari, who was linked to starvation death.

The 11-year-old girl from a Dalit family in Jharkhand’s Karimati Basti village died this year on September 27 due to hunger. It is learned ration card of the family was cancelled in the month of July due to non-linking of Aadhar number and they were denied subsidized food in a country where Right To Food is a law.

RTF was enshrined in the Indian constitution during the second-term UPA government and its related Article 47 reads state government has the duty to raise level of nutrition and standard of living to improve public health.

Sanjay Leela Bhansali will for sure make more than expected money from movie Padmavati after it is released or gets disguised release as Amitabh Bachchan starrer Shahenshah grossed after his name was linked with the Bofors gun case in 1988, but hundreds and thousands of poor people in India will still strive to get two proper meals per day.

Let’s pledge for a balanced media in India.