How to Clean Shower Heads?


How to Clean Shower Heads

If you don’t clean the mineral deposits, limescale, soap scum that have grown up on your shower head, it will leave you with low water flow and poor pressure. Resulting poor performance and squirt water randomly in almost all directions.

To achieve peak performance of your shower head, in this article you will have the top-notch tips and tricks on how you can clean the stubborn stains on your shower head like a pro. Covering bathroom user guides, you will find more essential resources here.

So, stick to this comprehensive step by step tutorial, take couple of hours in hand and try to follow the methods explained below. And just before you hit that, have a look at the essential equipment’s you are going to need:

Essential Equipment’s

  1. Safety gloves
  2. Dust mask
  3. Eye protection
  4. White vinegar
  5. Scrubber sponge/Toothbrush

1. Ensure safety first

I can’t emphasize enough by writing this part of the article that how much you should be careful about your safety. But as you can understand that you will be working with some chemicals that might irritate your eyes or skin, you should really be wearing the hand glove, eye protector and the dust mask.

2. Rub the shower head Nozzles

To eliminate mineral deposits, you can simply message the shower head nozzle that is made of flexible rubber. Most of the shower heads will have that nozzle. Or, you might also use a toothbrush and scrub the nozzle gently.

Or, scrubber sponge can help you wipe the dry debris out of the holes in your shower head.

3. Soaking in Vinegar

Unplug the shower head and submerge it in a pot with mixture of white vinegar and water. Or, use a plastic bag as an alternative.After putting the shower head inside the bag, make sure you secure it so as not to let the vinegar flow out of the bag. Note that white vinegar is a safe but effective chemical in cleaning your shower head.

Let the shower head soak in vinegar about 1-2 hours. And the mineral deposits should be easily removed after this when you scrub with the scrubber sponge. Now, wash the shower head neatly with water to remove the smell of vinegar and you should be able to see the result.

As an alternative to white vinegar, you might also use chemicals like – Bathroom Spray. They will take quite less time to clean the shower head in compared to white vinegar. But make sure you read the user manual to ensure you are doing it right. Otherwise you might end up damaging you nice shower head.

4. Cleaning Filter Screen

You will need to remove the pipe connection of your shower head to get to the filter screen. It is better to read the user manual before starting off to clean the filter screen of the shower head. Unfortunately, if you haven’t saved it somewhere, go to the product website or, contact your support.

Now, start scrubbing the water deposits on the filter screen by using a brush and move it around gently. Wash out with water neatly and this should remove the mineral deposits clearly out of the filter screen. Then install the filter screen back to its position and connect the pipe back again with the shower head.

Note that, some certain cleaning chemicals might damage your shower head life. So, be careful to choose the right one so as to avoid harsh cleaners.


  • Keep your eyes & skin away from direct contact of the using chemicals.
  • Soak in the vinegar for enough time to ensure it effects properly.
  • Don’t scrub hard on the shower head, as it might leave scratch.
  • If using other chemicals than vinegar, read the user manual first.
  • Before normal use, wash the shower head very neatly with water.

That was it in today’s segment and we hope you found something interesting to learn. Please make sure you share this information with other people who are in search of a solution of how they can clean their shower head exactly. And we assure to come back again with more resources like this.

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