8 High Protein Foods Which Contains More Protein Than Fish


Fish is one of the good source of protein but not the best because there are various other food options, which contains higher protein than fish. You can find many vegetarian options of protein like 100 gms peanut have 24 gms protein. Similarly, here are we discuss about 8 different food options which is having more proteins than fish.

According to a study, all women should take at least 45 gms protein and men should take at least 55 gms protein every day.

What are Benefits of Adding Protein in Your Food

  • Protein helps to lose weight
  • Protein helps in wound healing quickly
  • Protein Lowers Blood Pressure
  • It Helps to Build Muscles.
  • Protein makes your bones stronger

1. Beans

Beans100 gms Beans contains 23 gms protein

2. Soybean

Soybean100 gms Soybean contains 39 gms protein

3. Dal Uddad

Dal Uddad100 gms Dal Uddad contains 24 gms protein

4. Cheez

Cheez100 gms Cheez contains 25 gms protein

5. Moong Dal

Moong Dal100 gms Moong Dal contains 23 gms protein

6. Peanut

Peanut100 gms Peanut contains 24 gms protein

7. Chana Dal

Chana Dal100 gms Chana Dal contains 25 gms protein

8. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin Seeds100 gms Pumpkin Seeds contains 30 gms protein