9 Healthy Food Which Will Control Your Appetite And Reduce Obesity


In today’s lifestyle almost every 3rd person upset with their obesity. If you are also one of them then must follow these healthy foods, which will really help to reduce your obesity in quick time.

Those people who are hungry for their diet, they should add some healthy foods in their diet, which is high in fiber and protein. It doesn’t feel like eating while hungry and It will also help in weight loss.

1. Pistachios

PistachiosIt contains unsaturated fats and fiber, which is beneficial for hungry people.

2. Lemonade

LemonadeIt contains Pectin and flavonoids, which is very good for weight loss.

3. Oats

OatsIt contains beta glucan, that is strongly linked to improving cholesterol levels.

4. Sweet Potato

Sweet Potato2 piece of sweet potato contains 5 gms of fibre and beneficial for hungry people.

5. Dal

DalDal is a good source of protein and fibre and it helps to reduce weight loss.

6. Chilli

ChilliIt contains capsaicin and antioxidants which might help to improve insulin regulation

7. Dark Chocolate

Dark ChocolateDark Chocolate is one of best source of antioxidant which will improve your health and lower the risk of heart disease.

8. Egg

EggIt contains high quality of protein, which is beneficial for weight loss.

9. Tofu

TofuTofu is helpful to Boost your metabolism and help you to lose excess body weight.