Furniture Care: The Easiest Furnishings To Look After


Furniture Care

People buy furniture to spruce up the various living spaces in their homes. Every price of furniture usually serves a specific purpose in our daily lives. There are essential furnishings that we cannot do without such as a couch, bed, closet or cabinets, dining set, lounge chairs and so on. On the other hand, there are pieces of furniture that we acquire purely for aesthetic reasons.

Whatever the case may be, all the tangible furniture we acquire will go through regular wear and tear. Some types of furniture will be easier to maintain more than others. Just as you would get a house survey to learn about and maintain your house, your furniture also needs looking after.

It is our responsibility to take care of the furniture otherwise it would just deteriorate, and that would be like throwing money out the window. That said, choosing furniture that is easy to keep clean and maintain would be the best solution when deciding what type of furniture to invest on.

Stay Away from White or Light Colored Furniture

Do not choose white furniture if you live with children, pets, messy family members or are otherwise accident prone. Whatever material your furniture will be, it is a terrible idea to select white or light tones since they are difficult to keep clean.

If ever a stain sets in then that one stain would ultimately ruin your piece of furniture. To stand the test of time and for the sake of being stain resistant choose furniture in darker shades.

Choosing furniture that suits our tastes, sometimes overrides our better judgement and we end up selecting something utterly different than what we initially had in mind.

The Best Materials for Easy to Clean Furniture

These materials are the most durable and stain resistant options for furniture. Keep these in mind when you are out furniture shopping. From best to worse here are the top five best materials for your next piece of furniture.   


By far, leather is one of the most durable and long lasting materials available for furnishings. The leather is made from treating and curing animal hides which produce one of the most resilient and useful materials the human race has known.

Genuine leather is used in many different crafts. It lends an air of timeless authenticity to almost any product, and its smooth, soft texture is a favorite in indoor furnishings. The best thing about genuine leather is that it gets even softer over time.

While faux leather may look somewhat like the real thing, vegan leather is not as sturdy as the genuine article and feels slightly like plastic. Real leather usually lasts for decades if it is properly maintained, while faux leather typically only lasts for a few years and may start to crack.

Some would argue that the wear and tear wholly depend on the end user, but that is certainly up for debate. The leather is usually easy to clean, all you would need would be a microfiber cloth, water, and non-detergent mild soap.

Do not use any harsh chemical cleaning products when cleaning your leather furniture. Pre-clean your leather furniture by thoroughly vacuuming and then following it up with a wipe down using the microfiber cloth.

Pay special attention to the head area and the armrests because they tend to get more contact with the human skin which leaves them oilier and dirtier than the other parts of the leather couch or chair.

In case your pet decides to use your leather furniture as a scratch post, and you’re wondering how to repair peeling leather, don’t worry! There are straightforward methods in place on to help you do just that.


Manufactured from polyvinyl chloride a chemical compound which is also known as PVC. Vinyl has been utilized for various applications. The durable, heat resistant, thermoplastic has been used for vinyl flooring, vinyl siding and yes even vinyl furniture.

Vinyl is one of the two ways that faux leather is made, but vinyl is infinitely more versatile because it can be made to mimic almost any type of fabric. Vinyl is much cheaper than genuine leather and is a popular choice for budget-conscious shoppers.

Vinyl is a polymer; when it can no longer be repaired it can be easily recycled.

To clean vinyl furniture, all you need is water soap and a microfiber cloth. However, if that is not sufficient to get the job done then unlike real leather, you can also use chemical cleaners to clean vinyl furniture.


Ultrafine synthetic threads of polyester and nylon make up the base material called microfiber. The surface of a microfiber couch is stain resistant and does not accumulate dust or dirt very quickly.  

Ironically, microfiber cloths are a favorite for cleaning tasks, but microfiber furniture repels dirt because of the almost microscopic size of each thread. Microfiber threads are 100 times more fine than a human hair.

Selecting a microfiber surface for your couch is a fantastic idea because the material is very durable and robust. Microfiber sofas are a favorite because they are soft and comfortable to relax on as well.

Because of the larger surface area of microfiber cloths, it absorbs liquids very quickly. If and when a spill occurs; be sure to blot out the spill with your trusty microfiber cloth.


Natural fabrics are still sought after for their trendy look and unique textures. Many natural fabrics are popular for the covering of couches: suede, linen, cotton, wool, silk, cotton blends and velvet which has been a favorite for its unique super soft feel.

Another option when choosing a type of fabric for your couch is synthetic fabrics. There are several that have proven to be quite popular among these are: rayon, polyester, nylon, acrylic and the best among synthetic fabrics is olefin.

Olefin gives the warmth of large threads without the weight. If you are tinkering with the thought of choosing olefin as your next coach; be careful with oil-based stains, it can handle anything else.


The appeal of wooden furniture is timeless. It has a classic look, but wood is rarely used for couches anymore. Wood coffee tables or side table could work as accents for the overall design.

If you have your hearts set on wood furniture make sure to choose wooden furnishings that have been varnished or at least sealed. Treated wood is infinitely a lot easier to clean than untreated wood.

Wood furniture can probably be comfortable if one uses some cushions or pillows for it. Use soapy water and a sponge to clean treated wood but take care not to leave the liquid on its surface, dry as you clean.


Deciding what your furnishings are made to play an integral part on how easy or difficult your furniture will be to clean. Choose wisely and select from one of the above materials.

The top choices are leather being the king of easy to maintain furnishings, vinyl coming in a close second for their durability and cost, fabrics such suede or olefin are immensely popular also for their strength.

Then last but not least, the timeless allure of wood will always be a fantastic addition to any design theme.

The best thing about choosing any of these materials is that they are all easily cleaned by using soapy water and a sponge. You don’t need to use any harsh chemical cleaners for these, but if required it is safe to use such cleansers with vinyl and other synthetic materials.