12 Funny Cats With Impeccably Good Human Posture


Cats can be a little weird sometimes. Either they are really really smart or really really dumb… we aren’t quite sure. These 18 cats simply want to sit like a human sits. Can’t hate on them for that!

1. This is Not How Cats are Supposed to Sit at Home

2. Hey, What are you Doing?

3. Why Are You Sitting Like That?

4. I Am Really Fedup With My Friends

5. Why Are You Looking at Me Like This

6. You Know, I Am Not Sit Like Humans. Humans Sit Like Me

7. Don’t Glare At Me

8. I Am Waiting for Someone

9. I Don’t Understand Why Are You Angry Like This

10. This is One of My Best Pose For TV Watching.

11. I ALWAYS Sit Like this When I Angry

12. OK, I Will Tell You My Bedtime Story