Finance and Investment Guide For Financial Planning


The economic transition including the financial sector reforms have posed new challenges for corporate finance managers, financial institutions, market regulators and other financial market participants. Finance profession increasingly demands on in-depth knowledge, applied skills and a global perspective.

Finance and Investment Guide

Thanks to the process of liberalization of the economy, finance in India is, now an independent profession, offering opportunities in varied areas of activities. We can now see huge job potential in this booming financial sector as of a Dealer, Cash and Futures Market, Portfolio Analyst, Investment Analyst, Business Development Executive, Relationship Manager. These development has augmented the era of specialized finance education as well. A number of business schools has restructured their courses to suffer specialized training in finance, most commonly, MBA in Finance, apart from courses such as Masters in Finance and Control, Diploma and PG Diploma in Financial Advising, Advanced Finance, Financial Markets, Financial Planning. Higher the qualification, brighter are the chances of getting lucrative job in this sector.

Financial Planning

Financial Planning is also the option that most of the finance students look forward to. The job of a a Financial planner basically students look forward to. The job of a Financial Planner basically involves managing the finances of an individual or a company in such a way as to not only meet the existing requirements of money but also manage provisions for future needs, in accordance with the goals set by the client.

For a career in Financial Planning one needs to have analytical ability as well as expertise in acquiring the requisite information and dealing with the people to understand their needs, etc. Openings in his field exist in Banks, Insurance companies, stock market, financial planning, set ups and the like. One also has an option to start his own practise as a financial planner.

Financial Analyst

Another emerging finance sector option is Financial Analyst. As the very name suggests, study and analysis of finance and related areas along with their developments including corporate finance, investment management or other financial services e.g. leasing hire-purchase, venture capital, capital rating, project planning etc., is the function of a financial analyst.