Facts About Chandeliers That Will Blow Up Your Mind!!!


If we talk about chandeliers, then they are the most elegant and beautiful light fixture, which is used to adorn homes and update their interior decor. Just by hanging a crystal chandelier, you can make your small space look big enough.

There are some very interesting facts related to chandelier that will definitely blow up your mind. Let’s check them out.

Can you even guess them what they are? we people are always curious about knowing things that are out of ordinary and unique things surprise us more.

You might be aware about some of the facts, but some will startle you for sure. We will also talk about the details, which will make you wonder a bit more about the elegance of chandeliers. May be after reading the facts, you’ll appreciate your striking light fixture a bit more.

  • 165,000 LED lights: there are some chandeliers in the world that you have never ever seen in your life. They are much bigger than your imagination and more stylish than anyone can ever have. The biggest chandelier in the world as per the Guinness Book of World Records is known as Reflective Flow. Currently, it is hanging in the building of an office in Qatar. You might not believe this, but there are 165,000LED lights in it, which could light up any small football stadium. This chandelier sounds like the one who is cleaning it, has to start all over again once he get to the end because it is too large.
  • Chandeliers out date electricity: nowadays, you won’t find many things that can out date electricity. In the old times, the living conditions of a royal family were actually worse than the ones we are getting living in a shabby council flat. Earlier when people wanted to brighten up their surroundings, then chandeliers were the most suitable and the most beautiful alternative for them. The castles used to look appealing with light fixtures hanging from the ceilings, but as they used candles it was kind of difficult to light them up.
  • In the ancient times, the chandeliers were reserved for rich people: if you were in the era of kings and queens, then you would never have a chandelier inside your home. The reason is that earlier the people used to think that they can only adorn the home of royal families. But now they are becoming one of the coolest things for home decor. Especially, hanging at the ceilings, they proffer a kind of magnificent view for the onlookers. You can find them in thousands of shapes, sizes, colours and materials and thus it is not difficult to choose the one that can fit your place and surroundings.

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  • Crystal chandelier wasn’t the original plan: when we think of chandeliers, the first thing that comes in your mind is crystals because the most common and loved type of chandeliers has a lot of crystals. There are other materials too, but they are not as common as crystals. So, let me tell you that crystal chandelier was never the original plan and they were generally made up of chap materials and metals. But with time the phenomenon of crystal chandeliers became famous as they could end up being reflected in any space.
  • Nowadays, you won’t find authentic chandeliers anywhere: it’s simply impossible to find the authentic chandeliers from the Middle Ages, as none of them is left. If they existed, then you might not be able to afford them, but still it’s kind of sad to know that a small but essential part of the history has been wiped out. The people didn’t consider us, when they were burning down the churches and other important buildings during the reformation of 1500s. So, if you have one, you must preserve it for your future generations.
  • Chandeliers are more than common nowadays: you can find chandeliers in each and every home nowadays. But, this doesn’t mean that they have lost their importance and charm. You can have them in any number you want and in any room including your bathroom. They just simply add elegance to any space in which they are installed. Due to excess of popularity, the future generations won’t value them as we do, so make the most of their sophistication and luxury status while you still can.

So, aren’t you startled by the above given facts? I hope next time, you’ll look at the chandelier at your ceiling, you’ll feel that it is seriously prestigious.

If you still don’t have a chandelier at your home, then you can check online.