Five Fabulous Decor Ideas for your Condo


Home decorations around your condo can boost your mood and relieve stress. Arriving home and being able to enjoy the vibes of your place encourages happiness and contentment. So, be a little creative and decorate your condo.

Fabulous Decor Ideas for your Condo

There are condos in Bonifacio Global City or BGC that can be rented and redecorated based on your ideal designs. Or if your input in designing the interiors of your home is minimal, you better check these fabulous ideas. Get inspired with these five decor tips to lighten up your condo.

1. Curtain Tie-Back

One marvelous way to decorate your condo is by having a unique piece of curtain tie-back. The small items are cute gestures of ownership of the apartment. You have the choice of going vintage or modern with the curtain ties you will pick.

You can have beaded or tasseled holdbacks, and even crystal shaped ones. Flower tie backs, like roses, are also very trendy. These chic and elegant items come in different colors and sizes, also.

2. Color Pops

The usual tones in the condo are there to keep the harmony of the rooms. To spice things, dash in a vibrant, different color into the place. You can have a gold flower vase in a room that’s dominantly black and white. Or you could add mint or lime green to a neutral-colored space.

Pop up a bizarre object (and color) in into the room and make it an unblended mark on the place. It’s fun to see the reaction of visitors when they visit your condo.

3. With all the Lights

An ensemble of lights, especially Christmas lights are gorgeous as room decorations. Twinkling, tiny lights surrounding the room and making everything feel magical. Such lights would be a lovely thing to add to your bedroom.

Buy sheer curtain and hang them in your room strategically placed near your bed. Attach some Christmas lights on the curtain end and light them up at night. The lights will not only be romantic, but it will also be relaxing.

4. One-Sided Wall Pattern

Something different you can do to your place is by adding a twist to the wallpaper design. Instead of covering all your wall space with wallpaper, why not cover only one side. Keep the other wall corners with neutral colors – white, cream, ivory, sand, beige or black.

Pick any wallpaper pattern (paisley, geometric, abstract, etc.) and then place it on one side. This wall design will become the focal point of attention when people come to your home; it’s also a statement piece. It’s an eccentric kind of design, but it’s eye catching.

5. Go Vintage

Vintage items have become the trend for many home owners; it’s not too late to be one of them. Antique home decorations are sophisticated and classy to look at, and they also add value to your home.

Simple items like candle holders, figurines, and 1940s telephone would be perfect for your place. Arrange the items in an orderly manner around the condo, and don’t cluster them in one corner. Spread the objects around the apartment.

And that comprises the five decor tips to make your condo fabulous. May these wonderful ideas be good enough for your place. Have fun decorating the place!