What to Expect at 4 Months Pregnant with Twins


4 Months Pregnant with Twins

Having twins is a special experience that not many mothers will experience. You are one of the lucky ones! At 4 months pregnant, you probably already know that you are carrying twins. You might even know if they are two boys, two girls or one of each. If you want more detailed information about 4 months pregnant, pregnancyweeks.org is the best blog where you can find lots of information related to them.

Twin pregnancy is a bit different than of a one baby pregnancy due to the growth of the belly but the babies’ development is essentially the same. Let’s take a look at what to expect at 4 months pregnant with twins.

What to Expect from Your Body During 4 Months Pregnancy

Your belly will have expanded quite a bit by now, probably more than what a single pregnancy belly would look like. Moms carrying twins also gain weight faster, so you might be filling up your clothes already. At the 4 months pregnant belly size with twins looks like the 5 months or even 6-months belly size of a single baby pregnancy. Four months is the perfect time to get some looser fitting clothes that will be more comfortable as your belly keeps growing.

It’s possible that morning sickness is still going strong and you might still be feeling ill. That is normal for twin pregnancies. Nevertheless, it should subside soon. If the morning sickness is gone by now then you are probably feeling like you could eat the world! 15 weeks is sometimes called the “Honeymoon pregnancy period.” When the queasy feelings subside and you start feeling pretty good before the belly grows too much.

Being 4 months pregnant with twins is the time to live your life as normal as possible. Your libido might have spiked and it’s ok to go for it as long as you feel good. If you have indigestion, it’s probable that around the 4-month mark it won’t be as strong. These are the best weeks of a pregnancy!

4 Months Pregnancy: What Your Babies Look Like

At 4 months, your babies will be about the size of an apple each. Their bodies will have developed to the point where they look almost like they will look when they are born. Their eyes have developed enough to sense light and their limbs will need some exercising. At this point, you will be feeling the babies’ movements occasionally, but they still have space to move freely.

This is the time when the ultrasounds become a lot more interesting, you will be able to see your babies more clearly. Maybe even sucking their thumb. This is the time of the pregnancy when babies grow the fastest. Their bodies will grow faster than their heads and their legs will grow faster than their arms.

Facial features are starting to become clearer at this stage as well, and their nails are starting to form.

What to Expect from the Doctors During 4 Months Pregnancy

At this time, your doctor will start to check on you twice a month instead of once like with a single baby pregnancy. Starting at the 4-month pregnancy mark or sometimes before, the doctors will be doing regular ultrasounds to check the wellbeing of both babies and check their development.

If you have chosen to take special tests like amniocentesis, they will happen very soon. The doctors will want to keep a close eye on you and your babies. They will be on the lookout for any complication.