Top 10 Defining Design Elements of Luxury Bathrooms


Design Elements of Luxury Bathrooms

Luxury bathroom suites have certain elements which give them an enhanced look and stand out from a regular bathroom model. Here are some of the designing elements to transform an ordinary bathroom into an amazing one.

1. Free standing tub

The beauty of the free-standing tubs is it can be placed anywhere in the bathroom. Roll up copper toned tubs gives a royal touch to your bathroom. Also, small water jets inside the tub provide a Jacuzzi bath experience which provides a relaxing effect for both body and mind.

2. Frosted Glass Walls

Add a little privacy to your showering space by mounting a frosted glass wall. This beautiful bathroom design is specially designed to give a modest yet cutting-edge finish to any designer bathroom suites.

3. Create a classy bathroom with a white theme

Go for a full white concept if you are looking for an ultra-classy and polished bathroom space. Right from the white flooring to the wall tiles, till the white granite countertop opt for a white theme. Hence a complete white makeover gives a novel and modernistic setting. Pairing a white bathroom with large sized basin mirrors, and glass shower doors complement well with each other.

4. Trendy basins

One of the popular trends in designer bathroom suites experimenting with various basin types. Gone are the boring stereotype white ceramic basins instead people are interested to get hold of trendy designs like full matte finish black wash basin or luminous glass wash basin which gives a crystal clear finishing.

5. Corners with pebbles and hot stones

Transform the dull and empty corners of your bathroom with a creative set of hot stones and pebbles. The even shaped stones and the smooth pebbles provide a new-fashioned twenty-first-century bathroom.

6. Linear Designs

Bring the easy water draining system which is usually seen in the swimming area in resorts now to your bathroom. Installing linear drains in the showering area ensures a quick water draining method which is a popular choice for the bathroom with open showers and wooden flooring.

7. Gold or Copper toned faucets

Any premium bathroom suites or luxury cloakroom suites have one thing in common when it comes to the decoration of faucets. As almost 80% of the time, faucets are heavily used in a bathroom whether you are brushing or washing your hands it is the essential part in a bathroom. A golden tap or an antique model like ‘Victorian era’ is the famous faucet model which gives a gorgeous look to any luxury suite. Copper toned faucets are also gaining popularity in which the copper metal not only gives a stunning addition but also got proven health benefits in the purification of water impurities due to its natural properties.

8. Grey and Black – A mesmerizing combination

A definite winner combination which never goes out of style is a grey and black themed bathroom. These bold colors offer a deep texture and give a style statement to any modern bathroom.

9. Let your walls come alive with natural elements

Opt out of the monotonous ceramic walls that are in practice for decades. Today’s designers get their bathroom design inspirations from the natural stones. Over the years the designers have carefully adapted these natural stones and successfully incorporated them into the bathroom wall. Fieldstone, sandstone, travertine, slate, and marble are some of the present-day modern design elements for the bathroom wall designs.

10. Refresh your bathroom with lush green succulents

Plants are one of the design elements which can be added to any bathroom design without changing the theme or mood of the overall design. Décor your bathroom with green succulent plants placed in a deep bowl or copper toned pots. Plants freshen up the air and provide a healthy and clean atmosphere. Copper toned pots add luxury to any styles of bathroom.