Combining Diet and Fitness Together For Long Healthy Life


Combining Diet and Fitness

Combining fitness and dieting together simply works.  Your body will show the results indeed

The main ingredients to a long healthy life are fitness and diet. Even though some people believe that if they do one, the other will be taken care of.  But this kind of thinking is false. This is because it is very possible to be physically fit but have poor eating habits and it is equally possible to have a healthy diet with awful fitness habits.

Even though it is more difficult to shed off pounds using diet alone, it is very possible. The same way it is possible to have extra pounds even if one is physically fit. To a large extent, you are exactly what you eat; this is to say that if you take a high fat low substance meal, the body will lack fuel necessary to burn fat. On the other hand, if you don’t give your body the necessary tools to build muscle, all the weights you lift will exhaust you, instead of empower you.

It is therefore right to say that fitness and diet should go hand in hand. Use fitness to burn calories and tone or build muscle.  Complement this activity with a healthy diet that will provide the body with necessary nutrients and fuel it requires to build muscle. Be advised that with dieting alone, you can indeed lose muscle tissue.

Weight loss does not just come off your body fat alone. Although the heavier you are, the more body fat you will lose.  But it’s vital to remember as you come closer to your goal weight, the risks of losing muscle is prominent as there is less body fat to lose.  Also remember that muscle tissue weighs more than fat.  So never measure your success by the scale alone.   If you measure progress using just the scale, you might be misled, get frustrated and lose hope while you’re actually making progress.

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Don’t be the scale’s victim, instead feel how your jeans or pants fit, look in the mirror, or better still, judge by your waistline measurement. In weight loss, you should measure success not just by how many pounds the scale displays, but by how you feel after going up the stairs. By integrating muscle toning into your diet plan, you allow the body to burn any extra calories that you might have added throughout the course of the day. Burn those extra calories with muscle toning activities whether it be with weights or resistance bands.