Arms of Steel: Strategies to Firmly Build Your Biceps and Triceps


Biceps and Triceps

If you wish to wear sleeveless or tank top shirts with pride, now is the time to buff up those arms. For the fast results in achieving bigger arms, you need a mixture of muscle-targeted exercise and the right changes in your lifestyle.

Below are some of the things you might consider in building bigger arms.

Hitting your Triceps

Hitting Your Triceps

Triceps are one of the major muscles located at the back of your arms. Forming big biceps is fine, but you need to target your triceps also so you can build a uniformly bulk arm. For the best and fastest results, don’t waste time doing inefficient triceps exercises. Instead, try these sets of workouts for building bigger triceps.

  • Lying Dumbbell Triceps Extension – Hold a pair of dumbbells and lie down facing on the ground. Take the dumbbells above your head with your arms straight, and your palms facing each other.

    Don’t move your upper arms, while bending your elbows to bring the dumbbells lower until your forearms are parallel to the floor, take a pause, then take the weights back to the starting point by straightening both your arms.

  • Rope Triceps Pressdown – Connect a rope holder to the top pulley of a cable machine. Perform it by bending your arms and grabbing the bar with an overhand grip; your hands should be at a shoulder-width apart. Wrap your upper arms to the sides.

build upper arms

  • Try not moving your upper arms, take the bar down until your joints and elbows are secured and locked. Then, slowly turn back to the starting point.
  • Kettlebell Floor Press – Lie with your back on the ground with a kettlebell in each of your hands. Hold the kettlebells over your head, hanging outside of your wrists. Bend your arm to bring the kettlebells lower. You should be able to touch your elbows to the ground, take a pause, then push them back upwards.

Boosting your Biceps

Boosting your Biceps

The best biceps exercise are those collectively recognized as the mass-builders. These workouts provide the highest stimulus across the short and long heads of your biceps.

There are also isolation workouts such as various machine and cable movements. In addition to developing bigger biceps size, the simple and basic exercises will eventually create the sort of shape that your biceps can adopt as they excite a larger cross-section of the muscle. Here are some of the best biceps exercise.

  • Concentration Curl– Sit down on a chair or bench and relax your right arm upon your right leg, while letting the weight swing your body down. Curl the weight upward, take a pause, then bring it lower. Repeat the workout with your other arm.
  • Narrow Press-Up – With your body straight, lie on the floor and create a diamond pattern with your hands. Now move your body downwards until your chest is about to touch the floor. Press your body up back to the origin point while compressing your triceps and chest at the same time.
  • Incline Bicep Curl – Lie on an incline bench and grip a dumbbell in both hands with your arm’s length. Work your biceps to curl up the dumbbell until it almost reaches your shoulder. Next move them lower then back to your side then repeat.
  • Javelin Press – Hold a curved bar in your left hand just a little higher to your shoulder. Stretch your arm and bring the bar above, then bring it lower back down leveling your shoulder then repeat.


Achieving formed and bigger muscles is not as easy as it seems. It takes time, effort and determination to reach your goal.

All these hard work and effort will be worth it at the end of the day; when you can confidently wear tank tops and sleeveless shirts since you already have hit your body goals. Consider those tips mentioned above and see for yourself.