Most Amazing Bedroom Lighting Ideas For Beginners


Bedroom Lighting Ideas For Beginners

Not all of us use our bedrooms just for retiring. Some of us really love to spend our time and energy by lying in the comforts of our bedroom. We dream, introspect and gain inspiration in our bedroom. So, of course, our bedroom does play a pivotal role in our lives. In order to achieve our magnificent state of bliss and calm, we do need a peaceful décor in our room. And what better way to create harmony in our bedroom, but by picking proper lighting for the room.

In this article, we will offer you some of the most amazing bedroom lighting ideas that will help you create a warm and inviting space. Here we go.

#1. Natural lights

Before we move on discussing various artificial lighting options, let us talk about natural lighting. It is important to allow natural light to enter into your bedroom. Ensure that you keep the curtains neatly tied in order to allow as much light as possible to enter the room during day time.

If you wish to diffuse light for a softer effect, then use a light coloured net curtain. This will also help you maintain privacy in your bedroom.

#2. Reading lights

If you are an avid reader, then there is nothing more frustrating than not having proper reading lights in your bedroom. Although a bedside lamp can be quite useful for night reading, but nothing comes close to having a dedicated reading light. A compact LED reading light works perfectly well to suffice your reading needs and also allow your partner to sleep undisturbed.

#3. Accent lights

The bedrooms are a place for romance, and lights play an essential role in creating a romantic ambience in the bedroom. In order to set the tone in your bedroom, install soft accent lights. For instance, install a dimmer switch with different settings to set a romantic scene. Or, you can add decorative lights such as fairy strings or candles.

Accent lights help in creating a cosy glow in the room.

#4. Wardrobe lights

Most of the homeowners do a pretty good job in setting up lights in their bedrooms. However, not all of us pay attention to our wardrobe lights. Won’t it be super annoying to navigate clothes in a dark wardrobe? So, a word of advice here is to install energy-saving LED lights in your wardrobe.

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#5. Task lights

Some of us work from our bedroom, which means having a task light is incredibly important. It is a good idea to position a directional table lamp near your workspace.

Even for a dressing room, ensure that you mindfully place a task light such as a floor lamp or a wall sconce next to the mirror.

#6 Ceiling lights

For ceiling lights, first consider the size and ceiling height of your bedroom. Take appropriate measurements. Fixing a good ceiling light will help in casting an even glow in the entire room. One of the most common types of ceiling lights is a flush-mount ceiling fixture. A well chosen fixture can be a beauty in the bedroom. Or, ceiling fans can provide both light and climate control.

#7 Track lights

Although track lights are commonly used in the living room or kitchen than a bedroom, but when these lights are used in a bedroom, they can have a dramatic effect in the room. You can use track lights to spotlight artwork in your bedroom.

#8 Placement of switches

You may have the best of the lighting in your bedroom, but if the switches are not in the right place, then that’s a problem. It is pertinent to install light switches conveniently beside your bedside. You don’t want to end up getting out of your bed in the dark to switch on and off the lights.

#9 Right bulbs

The electronic market is inundated with plenty of bulbs, ranging from different sizes, shapes and intensities. Hence, make sure that you research and shop around well while buying bulbs.

If you choose a low voltage bulb, you will get a warm yellowish glow. While halogens provide sharp and crisp light.


One needs to have a beautiful and viable lighting arrangements in a bedroom. Choosing the right kind of lighting for a bedroom is truly an art. Be smart and make your decision wisely.