Arvind Kejriwal’s Goverment Brought Revolution Change in Education & Health Sectors


Arvind Kejriwal

Earlier this year around four hundred students migrated from private schools to a government school named Sarvodaya Vidyala in Delhi’s Rohini area. One of the primary reasons was good results of the school in CBSE board and other examinations. More to this, eleven students of it cleared the IIT-JEE examination this year. Isn’t this a part of education revolution?

The Arvind Kejriwal’s government doubled the funds in education and increased the same in health segment by one-and-a-half times in its first budget saying it is an investment for future and not expenditure as considered by the critics.

In one of his public addresses the Delhi CM said India will fail to progress swiftly if the people are not educated and not healthy. Today, the country has some of the best private schools and hospitals, but providing good quality education and proper healthcare facilities is the work of a government.

In 2016 the government schools in the national capital scored better result than private schools by 2 percent and this year it further improved by 9 percent.

To improve quality of education the Delhi government had sent school teachers and principals to IIM and abroad to impart better teaching training. About 10,000 new classrooms were constructed to decongest schools.

Apart from all these, the government barred private schools from increasing fee and turning education into a successful profitable business.

In the health sector the state government came with the model of Mohalla Clinic and until now it has set up around 1,000 such outlets along with 122 poly clinics across Delhi to provide better medical care facilities within about five kilometer radius of every resident.

The mohalla clinics initiative has been appreciated by United Nations secretary general Kofi Annan and former World Health Organization director general Dr Gro Harlem too along with couple of other world leaders.

The clinics offer 212 diagnostic and 110 essential drugs tests free apart from other facilities. The homeless too are treated by couple of such clinics opened at the Delhi government’s night shelters.