Types of Air Conditioning System in India


Types of Air Conditioning System in India

There are several types of air conditioning unit that are available in the market. According to the individual needs, these come in various sizes, portability, and capacity.

However, this article lets briefly discuss the differences between the Cassette and Duct air conditioners, Split AC and Inverter AC.

Cassette Air Conditioner in India

  • When there is a limited ceiling space for installing a duct unit, or where there are no available walls for a split AC, the Cassette air conditioner unit comes as a perfect choice in these situations.
  • These cassette units contain an internal block which is installed into a suspended ceiling. It can be positioned to the center of the room which makes the cooling air to be distributed to farthest place in the room.
  • The compressor unit can be placed outside as far as 50 feet from the indoor unit which makes it exceptionally quiet. However, professional installation is required as it involves drilling the external walls to connect the internal units with external units which carry the refrigerant liquid or gas.

Ducted Air Conditioner in India

  • In the duct air conditional system, the cold air is sent through ducts from one central hub which contains the central air conditioning unit. These ducts then carry the hot air or cool airs which are connected to several rooms.
  • All rooms maintain the same temperature by adjusting the central control unit. Suppose if you set the air conditioner unit to 23 then it uniformly maintains the same temperature for all the connected rooms.
  • These are suitable for large commercial places like libraries, large retail stores or industrial buildings. Many shopping malls and multi-specialty hospitals also adopt this type of duct air conditioning system.

Split AC in India

  • Split AC in IndiaThe most popular type of air conditioner system is split AC. It has become an integral part of many households across the globe. This one-time investment gives long durability with the consistent cooling effect.
  • Certain features like easy to install, nose reduced air conditioner unit and easily fits into any corner of the home without altering or drilling the wall makes it a popular choice among the AC types.
  • When comes to maintenance, they have an easy to remove filter which can be cleaned at a regular interval to give the optimal cooling effect.
  • Individual controls to each room provide flexibility to the user to control the specific room temperature which in turn helps to reduce the overall electricity bill.

Inverter AC in India

  • Inverter AC uses the top-notch technology when it comes to the cooling system. It uses the varying compressor speed feature which makes it a highly preferable air conditioner unit.
  • Inverter AC provides not only great energy consumption but also offers excellent comfort.  The temperature and humidity are maintained throughout the room, and it automatically increases or decreases the cooling effect according to the heat load.
  • Inverter AC’s consistent temperature provides a comfortable environment especially for the infant room and elderly room at home.
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