The Advantages of Having a Corner Bath Tub


Once a house is built, it is often impossible to change the location of drains and other plumbing features.  As may be expected, if you have a small bathroom, and installed a shower, it may not be possible for you to have a full sized tub.  That said, there is nothing like a good soak in a tub of warm water for stress reduction and pain relief.  Fortunately, you can have a corner bath tub that will fit into the same area as a small shower or sink.

Modern Bathroom Corner Bath Tub

A Corner Bath Tub is Easy to Maintain

When you own a full sized tub, you will always have a hard time washing the inner surface. As may be expected, if you aren’t very tall, or you have a limited range of motion, it may be very difficult for you to wash the tub out before and after you take a bath in it. Without a question, this can be an unhygienic situation, as well as a distressing one. On the other hand, corner tubs are much smaller, and can be washed with a minimal amount of difficulty.

Install Heaters and Whirlpool Jets in a Corner Bath Tub

If you have ever had a chance to use a foot wash with whirlpool jets, then you know how relaxing can be to immerse your whole body in a tub with similar accommodations. Today, many corner tubs can easily be outfitted with both whirlpool jets and heating elements. That said, you will never be able to convert that old claw footed tub into a mini sauna.

Enjoy Financial Savings with a Corner Bath Tub

During the process of renovating rooms in your home, there will always be unexpected expenses. Therefore, you should look to save as much money as possible on each item. Typically, full sized bath tubs will cost much more than smaller ones. At the same time, you may also need to make the room larger, as well as install other fixtures in order to accommodate a full sized tub. Alternatively, a corner tub can fit into an area that is not much larger than your bathroom sink. In most cases, you should not have problems with hooking it up to the drains in your bathroom, or finding a suitable location for it.

There is no question that every person should be able to enjoy having a bath tub in the home. While you may use a shower for the purpose of staying clean, a bath is still something to be savored and enjoyed on a routine basis. Unfortunately, there will always be times and situation where you simply will not be able to install a full sized tub. Today, you can install a corner bath tub, and restore your ability to take a bath in your own home. You may even be surprised when you come out ahead in terms of being able to install whirlpool jets and other devices to increase the comfort you will derive from each bath.

The Best Corner Bathtubs for Your Home

Best Corner Bathtubs for Your Home

If you want to remodel your bathroom but don’t have a lot of room then investing in corner bathtubs may be what you’re looking for. These bathtubs, like their names imply, are meant to be installed in corners. They save on space, but are still big enough to function as tubs. They also can add a certain look to your bathroom that it didn’t have before.

Corner bathtubs are becoming very common these days as people explore their creative side. Many people feel that they shouldn’t be hampered by the traditional bathtub design and want something more spacious that takes up less overall space. Sitting a tub in a corner makes great use of the available space in your bathroom, and it allows you to remodel, and stop dealing with that annoying shower curtain.

These designs use to be something only the rich could afford. Now corner bathtubs are readily available to anyone, and they are far cheaper than they use to be. They are made out of the same materials as standard tubs and are just as strong and durable. Besides looking better they can also help people who have a hard time using the standard bathtub.

Standard Bathtub Design

The standard horizontal model has been in use for hundreds of years, and many people find as they get older its harder to get in and out of them. This outdated design is something that we have all struggled with from time to time. It allows for only one angel of entry, and often does not include a seat or bench of some kind. This may seem like luxury to some but for others it is a necessity.

Some corner bathtubs have been designed with seats, or stools built into them, or molded into the design itself. This allows for easy access by seniors, and people with joint, or leg problems. There are also corner shower designs that are meant to save space and provide ease of bathing. These designs are also good for seniors as it makes falling in the shower nearly impossible.

Corner bathtubs come in a range of sizes and some are actually installed units that can be moved with you. These are often called walk in tubs and feature a closing door that watertight. Sizes of the tubs range from standard to very large and prices vary from make and model. Typically the price range is $400.00 USD to $2,000.00 USD and sometimes more. Another factor in the pricing is what materials are used in construction.

High end corner bathtubs have state of the art plumbing and insulation. These parts are not easy to produce and are quite costly. Although for most the standard tub will suffice regardless of if it is a replacement model, or a walk in model. Taking a bath can be one of the most relaxing things to do to unwind from a hard day at work, and making sure you’re comfortable is important. Many people prefer these types of bathtubs simply because they are easier to get in and out of, provide better posture, and add more aesthetic appeal to a room.

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