Aamir Khan’s Amazing Body Transformation from 97 Kgs to Six Packs in Dangal Movie


If you are not aware of it yet, Aamir Khan is all set to make his re-appearance on the big screen in the role of Mahavir Singh. The film ‘Dangal’ is based on the true life experiences of this man along with his two daughters and follows their journey as he trains his daughters to become professional wrestlers against the expectations of all others.

Aamir’s Preparation for His Role

However, some changes are bound to happen when you put on some extra weight. The ‘3 Idiots’ star mentions feeling the changes in his body after gaining weight. Breathing problems is one of the biggest issues that take place when you put on such a weight and that is something Aamir himself has experienced firsthand.

One of the things that Aamir Khan had to do for his role in this film is to gain a ton of weight. And for that, he had to eat a lot. The 51 year old himself admitted to enjoying this a great deal. After all, he had the freedom to eat pretty much anything he wished to. In his own words, it was a ball the whole time.

Aamir Khan – The Procedure of Body Transformation

After the weight gaining process comes the hard work i.e. the training regime. This is the most difficult section of it all because after Aamir gained weight, he stood at 97 Kgs with 38% body fat. Becoming lean from that position is a hard enough task for even the best of athletes, let alone an actor. It is a hard process but he managed to pull through.

Aamir Khan's Amazing Body Transformation

Health Issues in Body Transformation

Care must be taken to make sure that the extra weight is gained in a surgical fashion. Failure to do so will result in health issues. After all, cholesterol levels tend to reach massive heights after such eating routines. But despite all challenges, Aamir was still able to overcome all problems and make his way into proper shape for the film.