5 Countries Most Likely To Start a Third World War


With the world developing, the struggle for freedom and lust of power is at its peak around the globe. Though it is said by some that this is an era of peace and prosperity, but this may not be all true. The destruction of 2nd World War made nations to learn – not to do any similar mistake in the future. But, when we look into the nukes and weapons of mass destruction deployed by some countries, it is quite frightening. Nukes? Yes, that is what I am talking about!

Third World War

Though widely considered as ‘just a deterrent’ by some, but when considering some instances of growing tension between some strong countries, it would be logical to deduce that something might break out at any moment; and the aftermath would send back mankind to the stone-age. As Albert Einstein once said, “ I can’t tell what weapons the World War 3 would be fought with, however, one thing that I can say is that the World War 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.” Sadly, looking at the current world order, this statement can be true about our future!

Here are the Top 5 countries most likely to start a third world war.

1. Israel


What gives Israel its place in this ranker is its position in the Middle East. The tension between the Jews and Muslim is considered as an historic conflict as Muslims have fought them for a very long time and no fair negotiations have turned successful. The fact that Israel has fought Arab countries to take its positions, and on top of that, it’s war crimes against its neighbor state Philistine, does not seem to persist in the same way for a very long time. In this conflict, while Philistine is supported by many majority of Muslim dominating countries; the United States and some other powerful nations stand with Israel. So… if a war breaks out, this will definitely involve many!

2. China


While China grows its enormous economy by literally bashing the western industries, it has invited some serious political tensions with powerful economies. The new China-Pakistan Trade Corridor (CPEC) agreement with Pakistan has blown a very lethal siren in the West. If China manages to start its trade through Pakistan, the United State will surely interfere save its national interests. India considered an arch rival of China over Tibet,might join the ‘anti China lobby’ while other countries like Pakistan and Russia might join the Chinese block.

A slight disturbance in the region of ‘nuclear hot spot’ might bring out some serious consequences.

3. Syria


Syria can be considered as the most unfortunate country on the planet. After the 25 years long regime of Bashar AL-Assad, Syria initially got struck by a bloody civil war between the Kurds, Shias and Sunnis,which resulted in the killing of millions of innocent civilians, and the mean while the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria managed to take over almost half the country. Started in 2013, the conflict has now turned into a game of cat and mouse as there are three block of international powers having their stake in it. The first block is of Russia and Iran, who support the Assad regime, while the opposition party is supported by Saudi Arabia, France, Qatar and the United States. The third belligerent is ISIS itself. If not resolved, this deadlock can lead to WW3.

4. Russia


By the side of this strong country stands a very strong President who is not just loved and supported by the people but also is very notorious for his decisions. As Russia keeps fighting in Ukraine, so are Rebels rising which are believed to be fully aided by the Government of the Russian Federation itself. In the meantime, the U.S and NATO are working really hard to impose sanctions on Russia, hoping to put a stop to this revolt.Furthermore, both American and Russian authorities report several hack attempt son the nuke assets of the two giants. Any further escalation could be destructive.

5. Pakistan


Pakistanis notorious for both becoming an atomic power by unconventional means as well as advertising its nuclear assets as not just a deterrent but a threat to his foe countries – mainly India. The dispute over Kashmir – where the Indian forces have been facing the Kashmiri freedom struggle while Pakistan supports the freedom movement. In the meantime, the China-Pakistan Trade Corridor (CPEC) agreement, which is currently a very big concern for the competing economies like the US and India. An escalation of the situation between the nuclear armed rivals might result in a fatal nuclear war.