18 Places That Dramatically Changed in the Last Century


As humans, our nature is to grow and change time to time. As we get more civilized and advanced, we start building bigger and bigger. Here are some great before and after photos of some well known places and landmarks in the world that dramatically changed in the last century.

1. Toronto, Canada (1930-2014)

 Toronto, Canada

2. Panama City (1930-2010)

Panama City

3. Hong Kong (1920-2000)

Hong Kong

4. New York, USA (1876, 1932, 1988, 2013)

New York, USA

5. Long Beach, California USA (1953-2009)

Long Beach, California USA

6. Dubai (1990-2013)


7. Los Angeles, California USA (1970-2014)

7. Los Angeles, California USA

8. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (1990-2014)

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

9. Shenzen, China (1980-2011)

Shenzen, China

10. Singapore (1990-2014)


11. Jakarta, Indonesia (1965-2005)

Jakarta, Indonesia

12. Athens, Greece (1860-2010)

Athens, Greece

13. Fortaleza, Brazil (1975-2011)

Fortaleza, Brazil

14. Shanghai, China (1990-2014)

Shanghai, China

15. Paris, France (1900-2012)

Paris France

16. Venice, Italy (1970-2010)

Venice, Italy

17. Sydney, Australia (1930-2014)

Sydney, Australia

18. Tokyo, Japan After WWII (1945-2013)

Tokyo, Japan

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